Notification Process

We will contact people according to the date in our records that he/she asked to be placed on the notification list for a particular instrument. Typically, we will send information via snail mail and also e-mail if an address(es) was provided. We may also attempt to contact you by phone. Respond quickly for best delivery.

We do not expect all of the people that we contact to actually order the product. We have always maintained that there is no obligation to be on the list. As the slots open up, we will proceed down the contact list by date. Please understand that this is a slow, tedious process and will probably take several months since we have to give ample time for people to reply. So, although you may not hear from us right away, donít give up hope. You may be contacted at a later date.

When a production run is full we will stop the notification process and post this information on the Notification Update page. However, there is still a chance that additional people will be contacted after that date. If we have any cancellations, we will contact the next person on the list. In addition, we always reserve a few scopes or mounts at the end of the run as "backups." We do not offer these for sale until they are completed, just in case we have any problems with glass delivery quantities, breakage or other production problems or if some of the glass or other components do not meet our quality specifications. We do not post these additional notices on the Notification Update page. If you are contacted for one of these backups, the full payment for the scope or mount will likely be due at the time that you order.

If you have moved or your phone number or e-mail address has changed since you put your name on the list, please give us a call. We will make the corrections to our records. Please do not call to check on your status or position in line (we donít disclose this information since it may encourage selling positions to others not even on the list, sorry). This will only slow down the whole process.

If you are not on the list at the present time, but would like to order the instrument, please sign up on our on-line notification request form. Refer to the availability section of our website for further information pertaining to Notification Lists.

We reserve the right to change or modify our notification process in the future.


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