Advanced Imaging Conference (AIC) 2007
October 26, 27 & 28, 2007
San Jose, California

Marj and Roland Christen and Astro-Physics staff - Walter Piorkowski, Robert Watters and Howard Hedlund attended the conference. We were very excited to introduce our new 3600GTO "El Capitan" German Equatorial Mount to this group of dedicated astro-imagers. Enjoy the photos.

Surprise package of goodies.

A peek inside the crate.

Robert and Howard demonstrate our method of lifting and setting the RA axis/base assembly in place (121 lbs).

Wally and Howard looking on as Robert and Roland fasten the mount onto the 12" Advanced Telescope System (ATS) pier. Many thanks to Steve and Rob Eubanks for building this solid pier for us (and for keeping our secret).

Roland and Marj with "El Capitan."


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