Astrofest ‘99

Go Ahead! Make My Day! --- Or night.

Frequent contributers to the S.A.A newsgroup pose in front of the Astro-Physics exhibit. From left to right, Bob Luffel, Alan French, Roland Christen, Allan Chan, Robert Adelman kneeling with the 90mm f5 Stowaway, Tom Back and Augustine Kim. Behind them looms the 10" f14 Mak-Cassegrain on the 1200 GTO mount, ready for a long night of observing.

Roland and Marj Christen

Our setup which includes from left to right the 8" f12.5 Mak-Cass on a 600GTO German Equatorial, 10" f14 Mak-Cass on a 1200GTO, and Charles Sinsofsky’s 7"F7 refractor on his 1200GTO. Charles demonstrated his DigitalSky Voice Saturday night to the delight and amazement of all.

Robert Hunt with his Alt-Az mounted 155EDF refractor.

Tom Back is checking out the image of Epsilon Bootes in the 8" Mak-Cass in broad daylight. Both the 3.8 magnitude golden primary and 5th magnitude powder blue secondary could be easily seen against the sunlit daytime sky. The key to seeing faint double stars in the daytime is well corrected optics with excellent contrast and the ability of our GoTo mounts to accurately slew to any object in the sky.

Sue and Alan French’s mighty 8" f11.5 home-made refractor with the AP Triplet Starfire lens that gave some of the best views of Jupiter and Saturn at Astrofest. During the day, everyone who stopped by enjoyed the wonderful white light solar images. The sharply etched sunspot detail and surface granulation attested to the quality of the optics and the AstroSolar filter material now offered by Astro-Physics. The scope is sitting on a 1200 SMD mount.

Sue and Alan are Astro sweeties, having met at their astronomy club some 21 years ago.

Observing the sun with a DayStar 0.7 Angstrom T2-Scanner. Jack Mosevich (shown in front of the scope) generously shared the views through his 155mm f7 StarFire on a 600E mount. The prominences were stunning and disk detail was fabulous! Observers who came back at various times during the day were treated to obvious changes in the structure of the prominences. Some, including the observer shown here, recorded the image on their video camera.

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