August 11, 1999 Eclipse
Baader Planetarium near Munich

Eclipse morning at the Baader courtyard. Note the beer keg in the corner for the post eclipse celebration.
Photo courtesy of Baader Planetarium

Doug & Jason of Celestron brought along a spanking new NexStar. It's a cutie, perfect size for eclipse chasers. To have even more fun, control the NexStar with our DigitalSky Voice™ Software

Marj & Roland trying to be positive with huge clouds rolling in 1 hour before eclipse.
Shown is a 130f8 StarFire EDT refractor with Pentax 6x7 camera on left and 140mm f12.5 Maksutov-Cassegrain with Nikon 35mm camera on 400GTO Mount.

OH NO - Rain is falling! Marj is covering up the 140 Mak-Cass while the rest of us are bringing the tent over to cover the scopes. Rain only lasted 10 minuites.
As totality approched, the clouds parted and we could see the final moments of the partial phases. Thin upper level clouds remained. They produced a spectacular multi-colored halo.
TOTALITY!   Photo by Roland and Marj Christen using a 5"f8 StarFire EDF Refractor, 6x7 film.
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Closeup of prominences taken by Roland and Marj Christen with 140 Maksutov and Nikon F3.
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Celebration of a successful eclipse.
Marj Christen and Thomas Baader
toasting together with champagne.

Full disc photo taken by Martin Gertz using the
Astro-Physics 10"f14 Refractor of
Sternwarte Welzheim near Stuttgart.

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