01-12-05 Our CNC machining, metal finishing and mount assembly departments have moved into their new areas and have resumed production. There is finally enough room to maneuver the fork lift and numerous carts of parts. We are ready to roll for 2005!

11-26-04 MANY thanks to our Astro-Physics staff for coming in on their Thanksgiving holiday weekend to clean and seal the floor of our new addition. What a team! We will begin gradually moving next week as various departments are ready.

10-21-04 Our new addition is progressing smoothly with completion expected in about two weeks or so. Right now it looks like a construction zone with bits of drywall, electrical conduit and equipment scattered about. Not a pretty sight and we decided to forego a photo. Painting should begin tomorrow with installation of the sinks, doors and final touches to follow.

We do not anticipate that production will be greatly impacted since we can move at our own pace. In fact, as we get into the major assembly of the 1200 mounts, the extra space will be very welcome.

09-11-04 Thanks to Dennis Persyk for this updated bird's eye view taken yesterday.

09-11-04 The roof and outside walls are completed with the exception of a little trim work. If we just needed a warehouse, we could occupy it next week. Well, almost. However, for our manufacturing facility, a good deal of interior wall contstruction, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical remain. The interior framing has started. We can now see the outline of different production areas.

09-07-04 The walls are just about up and they will be installing the roof soon. The concrete block structure in the center is the new restroom area which will also serve as a tornado shelter (heaven, forbid). The roof of the shelter is precast concrete. You are looking at the new assembly and metal finishing area with the CNC machining area behind the restrooms.

09-01-04 Roland and Marj ready to help out with tools in hand.

09-01-04 West wall and insulation.

08-30-04 Accomplished in one day!.

08-30-04 Giant erector set! Don't you wish you had one like this when you were a kid?

08-30-04 Steel going up today - 8:30AM!

08-20-04 Smoothing out the new floor. Great fun to watch this process. This machine looks like it is hovering as it moves.

08-20-04 Pouring the floor of the new CNC machining area.

08-10-04 Foundation for the walls.

08-09-04 No turning back now!.

07-30-04 The heavy equipment is lined up behind the observatory and is ready to go.

Astro-Physics seen from the air.
Astro-Physics will be expanding out the back of the building,
almost doubling the size of our current facility.

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