Some might say it is "telescoping."

This page will be updated as more construction occurs.

08-30-04 Accomplished in one day!.

08-30-04 Giant erector set! Don't you wish you had one like this when you were a kid?

08-30-04 Steel going up today - 8:30AM!

08-20-04 Smoothing out the new floor. Great fun to watch this process. This machine looks like it is hovering as it moves.

08-20-04 Pouring the floor of the new CNC machining area.

08-10-04 Foundation for the walls.

08-09-04 No turning back now!.

07-30-04 The heavy equipment is lined up behind the observatory and is ready to go.

Astro-Physics seen from the air.
Astro-Physics will be expanding out the back of the building,
almost doubling the size of our current facility.

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