Northeast Astro-Imaging Conference (NEAIC) 2011
April 14 to 15, 2011

This was Astro-Physics' first year to attend the NEAIC. It was very exciting for us to meet many of our East Coast customers and imagers in this forum. This year was the 6th annual NEAIC conference and it has shown growth with each passing year.

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(Photo Credits: Marj Christen, Howard Hedlund,
and George Whitney)




Above: Roland talks about our highly portable, small Imaging package...the 130 StarFire GT scope on the Mach1GTO mount.
This little combo may be small, but it is observatory-class quality. Grab it and head for your favorite dark sky site!


Above: Alan Friedman presents a talk on solar imaging to a packed house.His casual communication style
kept the audience entertained and informed while projecting images of spell-binding beauty. Link to the website of Alan Friedman.


Above: Roland (second from left) meets with several very enthusiastic AP customers. From left to right are Norman Worsley, Roland Christen, Gary Walker, and Mike Hood. Apart from being a wonderful educational experience, this conference is a pleasure because of the joviality and camaraderie of its participants!


Above: The "Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project" by Stephen Raamsden is a show unto itself. Travelling in style in his custom painted vehicle, His show becomes even more impressive when he sets up his array of H-alpha solar telescopes. Since 2007, Stephan has been presenting solar education outreach programs to Atlanta regional schools and regional community events. He has given the opportunity of seeing the drama of our sun to tens of thousands of children and adults over the years.


Above: Viewers are given the opportunity of looking through a 152mm Lunt H-alpha scope that is mounted on an
AP Mach1GTO mount. Stephan Ramsden, an air traffic controller by profession, is seen to the right.

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