Astro Systeme Austria ASA N16 Newtonian Astrograph

Unsolicited e-mail June 7, 2010:

"I just wanted to send both of you a big thank you for the excellent mount you have created in the AP3600GTO and the world-class support provided.

It's funny, I am in the process of planning a trip to the remote observatory I own at Arizona Sky Village. I realized that the last time I was there was to install the AP3600GTO in April of last year, and that since that time it has been operating every clear night and has not missed a beat.

It was only when I really started thinking about this it became clear that there a very few things around these days which can just be left alone to do their stuff without thought or concern. The AP3600GTO certainly fits this standard. Not only has it been flawless in operation, but it is solid as a rock, practical (I love the through-the-mount cabling and the limit/homing switches), and pretty (it just looks great!!)

The mount has been running for over one year and surpassed my expectations in every way. During this time I have had two camera failures, more Windows PC reboots than I care to remember, intermittent dome alignment issues ........ But nothing with the AP mount, so it's rare that I even think of it :-)

So I just had to write a note of thanks. Thanks for not keeping me up at night (literally!!). Over the years I have purchased from AP - two AP1200GTO's (now with new happy owners), A Mach1 (which gets used all around the globe), an AP155EDF, Traveler and Stowaway - all of which get used on a regular basis for both imaging and viewing. My 7-year-old daughter has developed a love for the night sky using my Traveler. At one point I even owned a great little AP400GTO...... and I am very sure I am not done yet ....

Thanks Roland for such fine products, and thanks Howard for the exceptional support and for helping me get the AP3600GTO up and running so quickly and so reliably".

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