AP1200 Mobile Field Observatory

"The AP1200 GTO mount is supported on a Meade 16"LX tripod with a custom
adapter/clearance plate. This arrangement offers unprecedented stability for deep sky photography. The optical assemblies include an f6 AP130 EDF and an f11 C14, which offers the advantage of both, superb wide field, and large aperture / high focal ratio capability, all on the same rig. Other optics include a 90mm finder
scope and a 4" guide scope. Optical assemblies are supported through a
series of fully adjustable Losmandy D plates. The entire assembly breaks down into easily manageable components weighing less than 47lbs each, which makes it highly transportable. While used mainly for astro-photography, the rig has also been known to occasionally accommodate the casual observer."

B. Edwin Siemenn