"Hi! My name is Philip M. Smith, of Long Island, New York. If you are on this website, you then know my * Friend * to the right of me. We spend a lot of time together. I treat her right, and in turn, she shows me things some people only can DREAM about. I do not have to DREAM. I am living the ASTRO-PHYSICS LIFE."

" I am so happy with my Astro-Physics Telescope, I built it it's very own HOME.
My setup: *STARFIRE EDF 155 with 4" focus[er], ASTRO-PHYSICS 2" Maxbright, ASTRO-PHYSICS D 80mm F900mm Guide Scope, ASTO-PHYSICS 8X 50mm Finder Scope, And ASTRO-PHYSICS GOTO 1200 Mount. I hope you like my :-) FUN :-) picture. I added the star field, the Moon and Mars. Nikon D100 Digital Camera, was used through and behind my *STARFIRE EDF 155 telescope. Microsoft Picture IT, along with Adobe Photoshop 7, was used to do this :-)FUN :-) picture. Clear Skies to ALL."

See you all in space.
Philip M. Smith of Earth
NOW Traveler of the UNIVERSE Thanks To ASTRO-PHYSICS