"Having used an Astro-Physics 600EGTO for several years I knew to expect quality from a new 900GTO. However, a few things surprised me. The 900GTO was much lighter and easier to set up than I expected.
Astro-Physics has done a superb job of removing unnecessary weight from the mount while retaining its strength. The "dovetail" mechanism for connecting the RA and Dec units is surprisingly simple to set up -- no tools required. The four knob-screws for attaching the RA unit to the pier make polar alignment easier.
I was also surprised by how stable the 900GTO is with the Astro-Physics 10" Maksutov-Cassegrain. This OTA demands much from a mount because of its long focal length and considerable weight (for its size). I am very pleased with this mount."

Robin Casady

Astro Accessories by Robin Casady