"At heart I am a great lover of apochromatic refractors. Especially the Astro-Physics products fulfill all my demands with regard to optical performance and mechanical quality. My main interest is in astrophotograpy, with CCD-, Web- and conventional photo cameras. Here, the incredible versatility of the Astro-Physics StarFire series as well as their comprehensive accessories cover a broad spectrum of use. Moreover, they are excellently suited for visual observations, too. I am also fascinated by the observation of planets. However, it turned out that for superior observations large and therefore often unhandy refractors are necessary. This aroused my interest in the A-P 10" Maksutov-Cassegrain. I especially appreciate the long focal length of this wonderful instrument, as it allows high power with comfortable eyepieces. Adding to this are the ease of use, minimal obstruction as well as the perfect, high-contrast images, which don't show any color aberration at all. Truly a reflector that inspires and satisfies a downright refractor-lover like me."

- Best regards
            Stefan Seip, Germany

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