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Prepayment of all orders is required. If you are ordering a refractor, mount or other items that we will not be shipping right away, please send a deposit for 50% the amount of the order. This guarantees the current price at the time of delivery and ensures that we will reserve the items for you. The balance of payment is due shortly before shipment. Payments may be made by one of the methods described below. Please read our cancellation policy.

International bank draft
The international bank draft must be in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank. The bank address on check must have a U.S. address. All bank drafts should be made payable to: Astro-Physics, Inc.

If you make your payment by credit card, the following is required by fax or mail (all orders must be shipped to the billing address of the credit card being used):

Please remember that if you cancel your order, the refund will be credited back to the same credit card.

To wire directly to our account, please contact Astro-Physics for instructions. An additional $20 USD will need to be added to your payment to cover the additional charges applied by intermediary banks.

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Freight and Insurance

All shipments are FOB our factory. International shipping and insurance charges will be paid by the customer. We will provide estimates on request. Please specify the items that you would like to order so that we can estimate the size and weight of the packages.

International customers must provide the correct shipping address and telephone number. If you plan to move within a few days of the estimated arrival date, we recommend that you provide your new address and we will wait a few days to ship the item. Returned shipments because of incorrect information supplied by the customer will be re-shipped correctly. Extra freight charges will be billed.

Some U.S. companies will charge a fixed percentage of the cost of the item for shipping. Although this is an easy calculation to make for both you and the supplier, I think that in most cases it is more advantageous for you if we take a few minutes to consider the alternatives and obtain the best freight rate for you. We have extensive experience with international shipments.

Mount purchases: Pre-paid shipping charges will include the custom boxes for that mount. If shipping charges are collect, the charge for the custom boxes will be added to the order.


Mail Service
Most small accessory orders will ship via Parcel Post. We can also ship via Express Mail International.

United Parcel Service (UPS)
Larger shipments to Canada will be made with UPS ground service. We can no longer ship to Canada COD so shipping and insurance charges can be either charged to the customer's UPS number or be prepaid (you can do this by credit card). Canadians will also pay a broker service fee (customs clearance), based on the value of the shipment, to clear your shipment through customs. Air service is also available.

Fed Ex
Fed Ex is available upon request. However, additional pick-up and document charges will apply, even if your Fed Ex number is used. Since Fed Ex is not our normal carrier, we will be assessed a $13 charge for them to pick up the package (as of 03-12-09). You will be charged the prevailing pickup fee at the time of your shipment. There are also charges for preparation of export documents.


Mail Service
We will ship via Express Mail International (EMS). This is the only service that is both trackable and insurable. We do not recommend shipping via the parcel post methods. We have experienced several problems in the past few years where shipments were "lost" in the mail for weeks or months, but could not be tracked. They were eventually delivered or returned to us (as much as six months later), however the delay was very frustrating for the customer and Astro-Physics. Astro-Physics is not responsible or any shipments that are "lost."

United Parcel Service (UPS)
UPS air service is available throughout the world and may be an economical option for shipments of 1-3 parcels. Air service rates include the customs' broker fee (except Canada, please see "Canada" information above). We will compare UPS rates with the estimate from our freight forwarder to determine the most economical method of shipment. The customer must prepay the freight and insurance charges. Estimated shipping charges are available upon request. Only quotes given when items are available (or near completion) will be considered valid due to possible increases in shipping costs. Customer will pay all customs and duty charges when they receive the shipment.

Air Freight
This is usually the most economical method of shipping more than three large packages. We arrange for shipment with an established, reliable, international freight forwarder to provide you with the best service. The customer will pay the freight and insurance charges collect when they receive the shipment. We can obtain estimates of the charges from our factory to the airport nearest to you. You will be responsible to arrange for the shipment's clearance through customs. If you have your own broker, they can clear your packages through customs and arrange for shipping to your address. If you do not have a broker and wish to have the packages delivered to your address, our freight forwarder can make these arrangements for you.

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Customs, Duty and Other Taxes

The customer is responsible for all duty or taxes that the government of his country may require. It is wise to check with import authorities to determine duty charges.

Shipment Notification

Typically, when an order is shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS), you will receive an e-mail from "Quantum View Notify" via UPS with the tracking number details. Please confirm your email address so our records are up to date. This will ensure that your tracking number details are sent to the correct e-mail address.

If your order is shipped via a different service, you will be receiving a fax or e-mail directly from Astro-Physics.

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