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Method of Payment

Prepayment of all orders is required. If you are ordering a refractor, mount or other items that we will not be shipping right away, please send a deposit for 50% of the order total. If the items that you order are not in stock, we will require a 50% deposit to process the order. This will guarantee the current price at the time of delivery and ensures that we will reserve the items for you. The balance of payment will be due shortly before shipment. Please read our cancellation policy.

We recommend a certified or cashier's check. This will release your order into the shipment queue sooner than waiting a full 10 days for a personal check to clear. All checks should be made payable to: Astro-Physics, Inc.

Debit Authorization
This option authorizes Astro-Physics to contact your bank and initiate a debit to your checking or savings account with your permission. Please print the Debit Authorization Form, fill out and sign, then fax or mail it back to us.

Discover, Visa or Mastercard. If you make your payment by credit card, the following is required:

Please remember that if you cancel your order, the refund will be credited back to the same credit card.

Sales Tax

Orders shipped to an Illinois address or picked up at Astro-Physics will be charged IL Sales Tax at 8.25%.

Freight and Insurance

48 Contiguous states: Those prices that include freight and insurance to the 48 contiguous states are shipped via UPS Ground Service (United Parcel Service). Some accessory orders will be shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service). If you wish to receive your shipments faster or by alternate means, we will only charge you for the difference between the normal UPS Ground or USPS charges and the desired service.

All UPS shipments valued over $500 will be sent with a "signature required" option. Shipments for scopes and mounts are typically sent out with an "adult signature required". This may be waived if requested prior to shipment. However, please know that this is at your risk.

FedEx is available upon request. However, additional pick-up will apply, even if your FedEx number is used. Since FedEx is not our normal carrier, we will be assessed a $13 charge for them to pick up the package (as of 03-12-09). You will be charged the prevailing pickup fee at the time of your shipment.

Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico: Small shipments will be sent via USPS (United States Postal Service). We prefer to send large shipments (mounts, scopes and other large items) via UPS "Ground" (yes, that's what they call it). However, these rates are significantly higher than UPS ground rates for the contiguous states. Consequently, we will only charge the difference between the charges to your location and ground charges to the nearest coast (west for Hawaii and Alaska and FL for Puerto Rico). Although UPS also offers 2nd Day Air service to these locations, they do not guarantee that the package will arrive in two days. Three day service is not available from UPS.

Shipment Notification

Typically, when an order is shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS), you will receive an e-mail from "Quantum View Notify" via UPS with the tracking number details. Please confirm your email address so our records are up to date. This will ensure that your tracking number details are sent to the correct e-mail address. After your order has shipped and for a small fee paid to UPS, you may change a shipping address or change a delivery date by signing up for UPS My Choice, visit

If your order is shipped via a different service, you will be receiving a fax or e-mail directly from Astro-Physics.

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