130 mm 'Gran Turismo' Case

130 mm 'Gran Turismo' Case (C0034-A)

In keeping with the concept of a highly portable travel scope, we have shortened the 130 mm 'Gran Turismo' case. The new case measures an approximate 30.5" x 9" x 9". This will allow it to be easily transported to your favorite dark sky site. This new case ships with all current orders and is offered for sale as a replacement item to owners of prior 'Gran Turismo' scopes. It has also received a design change that faces the scope with the optics to the right so that the scope can be removed from the case and be directly installed into the scope rings on a mount in the convenient Park 2 position (level and pointing east).

If you currently own the original, longer case with the separate compartment, you may wish to continue using that case, but move the covers to the new foam-lined box (shown below). Then, you can convert the empty compartment to storage space for your diagonal or other accessories.

Weight is 11.5 lb. (5.2 kg).


Foam-Lined Storage Box for Covers from 130 mm 'Gran Turismo' (130GTCBOX)

The four covers that are used when the scope is disassembled for airline transport originally shipped within the 130 mm 'Gran Turismo' case.They will now be shipped in a separate foam-lined box.

This protective storage box is being offered for purchase as a separate item. It will be convenient for prior 'Gran Turismo' owners wishing to convert the extra storage compartment in their longer case for carrying a diagonal, eyepieces, or other acccessories.

Size: 8" x 7" x 7"