Baader Narrowband CCD Imaging Filter Transmission Data

Hydrogen Alpha Pass Filter - 35 nm (BPHAPSTL)

This spectrum clearly shows the 35 nm wide bandpass of this filter. Click here for an Extended Transmission Curve taken from actual laboratory test data. Even with its wider bandpass window, this filter still effectively blocks light from Sodium (Na) and Mercury (Hg), the two principal sources of light pollution.

Hydrogen Alpha Narrowband Filter with extended IR blocking - 7 nm (BPNHASTL)

The spectrum above clearly shows the small spectral window that the 7 nm Hydrogen Alpha filter allows to pass. Click here for an Extended Transmission Curve taken from actual laboratory test data. This curve shows the transmission percentage from 280 nm all the way out to 1500 nm. In addition, we have a detailed transmission curve right at the hydrogen alpha emission line between 640 and 675 nm. This curve also shows the actual Hydrogen Alpha line as well as the Half-Maximum Transmission Line. You can access the detailed curve from the extended curve (link at bottomof Extended Curve) or by clicking here.

Oxygen III Narrowband with extended IR blocking - 8.5 nm (BPNO3STL)

See detail in your images of planetary and other diffuse nebulae come alive with the Baader Narrowband OIII filter. Baader's visual OIII was already light years ahead of the competition, and this filter improves on its performance for CCD imaging by extending the blockage of unwantd light into both the ultra-violet and especially into the infra-red regions of the spectrum. To see the Narrowband OIII's detailed transmission curve, click here. This is an actual curve taken from laboratory test data, not an artist's rendering!

Sulfur II Narrowband with extended IR blocking - 8 nm (BPNS2STL)

The emissions from singly ionized Sulfur (SII) provide another good spectral imaging target. SII frames, in conjunction with hydrogen alpha and OIII frames can be used in a number of ways to produce lifelike false-color images. Like the other filters in this series, the Narrowband SII filter has extended blockage well past the STL's sensitivity limit into both the ultraviolet and the infra-red. Again, we offer a true laboratory-data-based transmission curve of the SII Filter by clicking here.

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