Astro-Physics Optical Cleaning System (OPTCS)

Due to material restrictions in air shipments, we are not able to provide this cleaning system as advertised. We hope to find an alternate solution shortly. Please watch the website or ap-ug Yahoo group for updates on this product.

This is the optical cleaning system used by Roland Christen here at Astro-Physics. We have brought together three outstanding products to solve your delicate optical cleaning problems on valuable astronomical instruments, as well as on other optics from cameras to eyeglasses. Each of the three products has been carefully selected for quality, effectiveness and safety. With this system and careful attention to Roland's detailed instructions, there are few optical cleaning issues that cannot be overcome.

The Astro-Physics Optical Cleaning System consists of the following three components:

Baader Optical Wonder™ Cleaning Fluid - 100 ml (3.4 oz.) spray bottle
Purosol™ Enzyme Optical Fluid - 2 oz. (59 ml) spray bottle
Lint-Free Professional Optical Cleaning Wipes - disposable cloths - approximately 40 pieces

Each component of this remarkable cleaning system is detailed further below.

Baader Optical Wonder™ Cleaning Fluid

Baader Optical Wonder™ Fineoptical Cleaning Fluid is yet another outstanding product from the folks at Baader Planetarium. This cleaner will safely remove most of the organic contaminants that may be "stuck" to the surface of your optics without doing any harm to the delicate coatings underneath. It is especially good at removing fatty contaminants from fingerprints, eyelashes and most pollens. It also destroys and removes bacteria and fungi that can harm optical coatings and prevents their return. It has much the same cleaning power as acetone, without being nearly as aggressive or dangerous.

Optical Wonder™ comes in a 100 ml (3.4 oz.) bottle with a handy pump spray top.


Purosol™ Enzyme Optical Molecular Lens Cleaner is the second cleaning solution in the Astro-Physics Optical Cleaning System. This is a solvent-free cleaner which releases foreign particles by breaking their molecular bonds. Purosol™ was originally developed for use with Government, Military and NASA Multi-Coated Compound Optics. It is a unique enzyme based formula that attacks the way contaminants bond to surfaces instead of using harsh chemicals to dissolve the contaminants and possibly harm the optics. Purosol™ is recommended for more stubborn contaminants like tree sap and stubborn pollens.

Purosol™ contains no ammonia, alcohol, glycerin or silicone. It is non-toxic, 100% hazard free, non-flammable, completely biodegradable, environmentally safe and contains no CFC's.

Purosol™ comes in a 2 oz. (59 ml) bottle with a pump spray top.

Lint-Free Professional Optical Cleaning Wipes

Lint-Free Professional Optical Cleaning Wipes disposable cloths are baby soft, completely sterile, and totally lint-free. They will not scratch or harm delicate optical coatings, nor will they leave any lint particles behind to undo your meticulous cleaning efforts.

Disposable wipes are preferable to reusable micro-fiber cloths because they won't be harboring any damaging particles of dirt left over from previous cleanings (or earlier steps in your current cleaning).

We include approximately 40 - 5 3/4" squares of this material in your Astro-Physics Optical Cleaning System. You will use them only for the final cleaning stage. We invite you to cut them into smaller pieces as needed.

The Astro-Physics Optical Cleaning System is being offered as a complete kit. All three components are included. We are not currently offering the components on an individual basis.

Please read and follow the instructions very carefully! Improper cleaning of fine optics is almost always much worse than no cleaning at all. Remember: don't clean optics unless you absolutely have to, but when you have to, use the Astro-Physics Optical Cleaning System and do the job right!

PLEASE NOTE: The Astro-Physics Optical Cleaning System can only be shipped "surface" and cannot be shipped outside the U.S. at this time. We plan to ship via UPS Ground. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii are allowed with USPS parcel post only, but may take several weeks because air transport is prohibited. International (including Canada and Mexico) shipments are not possible. More details

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