E-Z CCD and DSLR Processing DVD Instructional Videos
(Note: These DVDs are not compatible with Windows 10)

by Tony Hallas

Tony Hallas, renowned astrophotographer and astrophoto printing pioneer, has produced this five-disc set of video instructions for processing your astro-images. Learn tricks of the trade from master about how to get the most from your CCD data.

Tony's astro-imaging experience started over 25 years ago. Starting with just a film camera, his astronomy work progressed through film with computer enhancement and finally into CCD imaging. He has since mastered each of these phases of astroimaging's evolution.

Now he's harnessed all that experience onto this informative and comprehensive video series. From "copy and paste" to visual psychology, Tony takes you through the various steps of making your images go from good to "Wow!"

This series has been called "enormously helpful," "an outstanding value," and "the best set of tips...ever seen" by some of the first users and reviewers.

The quality of the video and sound is so good, it's like Tony is sitting right next to you!
Don Goldman, AstroDon Filters

Although known as an astrophotographer, Tony's real profession is custom photographic printing. Tony's experience includes a Professional Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography, apprenticeship for years in one of the leading custom photo labs in the U.S., and successfully founding and running his own custom lab in Ventura County, California. He is a sought-after speaker at national amateur astronomy gatherings, forums, and astro-imaging conferences. His wife Daphne, also an astrophotographer, has also spent many years working in photo labs and has a gift for the computer medium. She can also claim credit for grabbing the domain name "astrophoto.com" many years ago. Together they have been published many times over and received numerous awards for their work, including the 2001 Clyde Tombaugh award for technical innovation at Riverside Telescope Maker's Conference, the 2009 Astronomy Magazine photo contest, and the 2009 Hubble Award for significant and sustained contributions to the astro-photography community at the Advanced Imaging Conference in San Jose, CA.

Note: Some computers may require installing a TechSmith Codec in order to properly play the video. Please see this link for more information.
Second Note: These DVDs are not compatible with Windows 10 computers.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to present this invaluable series to our customers.

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