ATM Optical Design and Analysis Software
by Massimo Riccardi

Italian amateur Massimo Riccardi has developed an easy to use optical design program, loaded with powerful routines and analysis windows to design and evaluate the most advanced optical systems. It is aimed at amateurs who like to dabble in telescope design or who just like to explore the world of optics. Starting routines for the most common and favorite telescope systems makes it easy to design the basic system in minutes with just a few parameters. A powerful optimization routine can then be used to vary any number of surfaces to get the most ideal result.

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ATMOS 7.5 Features

ATMOS 7.5 incorporates a
wide range of features

  • Systems - Centered and Uncentered
  • Number of Surfaces - up to 100 + focal plane
  • Surface Types - Spheres,Conics ,High-Orders, Obscuration Screens
  • Number of waveLengths - up to 6
  • Number of rays - up to 30000
  • Object Distance - Finite/Infinity
  • Aperture Stop - Adjustable position
  • Optimization
    (curvatures,thicknesses and conics)
  • Best Focus Position
  • Scale system to a new focal length
  • Scale system by factor
  • Sagitta table
  • Aberration Allowances
  • Lens Volume computation
  • System Data Report
  • Schott glass catalogue (built in)
  • Ohara glass catalogue (built in)
  • Shott and Ohara glass dispersion diagrams
  • Create and Export .OPD files to Aberrator package

(graphical and/or tabular)

Telescope Design Capability

One of the most useful and pleasant tool for the ATM is the "Telescope Design" Menu.
You can easily and quickly design and then analyze about 30 optical configurations:

ATMOS Sample Analysis Screens
Lens Data Editor Matrix Spot-Diagam Polychromatic Multi spot Diagram (through Focus/Field)
Ray-Intercept Curves Geometric Point Spread Function (3D rotation) Diffraction Point Spread Function(FFT method)
Wave front (3D rotation) Interferogram Through focus MTF (Modulation Transfer Function)
Longitudinal,Transversal Spherical Aberration and Coma (Offense against the Sine Condition) Optimization window 2D Layouts
  3D Layouts  

ATMOS Sample Telescope Design Screens
Maksutov-Cassegrain Design Window Triplet Design Window
Aspheric Houghton-Cassegrain
Design Window
Schmidt-Cassegrain Design Window

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