CURRENT and older Style Counterweight Shafts, Safety Stop and Optional Extension

This style counterweight shaft, one piece washerless safety stop and optional extension began shipping with 1200GTO mounts in May, 2006 and continued with the 900GTO's that began shipping in January, 2007. An optional shaft was also introduced for the Mach1GTO at the beginning of 2007. By machining the same size threads at all connection points, the various pieces work together as a system and provide an enhanced level of convenience and versatility to your 900, 1200 or Mach1GTO mount. The one piece machined aluminum washerless safety stop is easier to use than the older knob and washer, especially in the dark, and you don't have a washer to drop and / or lose. The extension eliminates the need for a separate longer shaft for mount owners with heavier equipment loads.


M12601-C 19.5" Counterweight Shaft

At 19.5" in length (18.5" usable), this is the standard shaft for the 1200 series of mounts, and the "long" version for the 900 series. It, however, sets a new standard for all with its perfectly matched components.

The threads on the mount end of the shaft have a lead-in to help prevent cross threading. We machined matching female threads into the far end of the counterweight shaft, to accept the new 9" extension (M12675) so that you don't have to order the 28" shaft for a larger scope. The washerless Safety Stop (M12676) is a required accessory for this counterweight shaft.

Like its predecessors, this 1.875" diameter counterweight shaft is precision machined from solid 303 stainless steel. It is both beautiful and robust and has a soft luster that belies its rigid strength. It can hold up to six 18 lb. counterweights and one 10 lb. counterweight.


M12676 Safety Stop

The new one-piece, washerless safety stop is machined from a solid piece of aluminum and hard anodized black. It fits in the end of either the new style counterweight shafts (M12601-C and 14" model to come), the counterweight shaft extension (M12675), or the Declination Axis.

The Safety Stop's large threads and washerless, one-piece design make it a pleasure to use, especially in the field. It screws into the shaft end of the declination axis for storage and transport providing both protection for your mount and a place where it won't get lost! Because it will turn, be careful if using the Safety Stop as a handle when lifting your Dec. axis.


M12675 Extension

The 9" Counterweight Shaft Extension completes the ensemble. It is beautifully machined from the same 303 stainless stock as the full counterweight shafts. It, of course, eliminates the need for a 28" shaft for those of you with heavier instruments. Its fit to the counterweight shaft is virtually seamless.

Like the counterweight shaft the 9" Extension uses the washerless safety stop. It will be usable to extend the upcoming 14" counterweight shaft as well as the 19.5" model shown above. (M12601-C)

The 9" Counterweight Shaft Extension has a shorter lead-in thread than the full counterweight shafts and should NOT be the piece that screws into the declination axis.


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