Mount Upgrades and Extra Parts - for Current and Previous Models

Heavy-Duty Azimuth Adjuster Upgrade Kit for 1200 Mounts (12AZKIT)

This one-piece assembly makes azimuth adjustment easier and more accurate for precise polar alignment in your observatory or in the field. The heavy-duty construction and integrated one-piece design results in smooth control of the azimuth axis. Large left and right adjuster knobs are graduated for precise control of azimuth position angle. The small graduations are 1.3 arc minutes per graduation; long graduations are 6.5 arc minutes per graduation. The size of the knobs makes them easy to turn with very little torque required, even with the mount fully loaded.

The kit includes a set of hardened washers for the four lockdown knobs. With these washers, the lockdown knobs can hold the mount down tight while still allowing the axis to be easily adjusted with your fingers. This will eliminate minor shifts in the axis when you are tweaking your azimuth adjustment.
The adjuster block installs easily on your base plate using the existing hole pattern and screws. Simply remove the two existing adjuster blocks and replace them with the new unit. Place the four washers beneath the lockdown knobs. The washers have a sharp edged side and a rounded edge side. Place them with the sharp edge of the washers facing up toward the knob, rounded edge down onto the painted surface of the base plate. Complete instructions and tips for adjusting both the azimuth and altitude axes are included in the package. Installation takes only a few minutes, but will result in significantly easier setup time the next time out under the stars.

Mounts that can be upgraded: All 1200 mount models that have been produced.

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