305mm F/12.5 Maksutov Cassegrain
with Carbon Fiber Tube


The 305mm f/12.5 was introduced at the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) on April 26, 2008.


Clear aperture

12 inches, 305mm

Secondary size

3.46 inches, 28.8%

Focal length

150 inches, 3810mm

Focus range

4.1 inches, 105mm

Focal ratio

f/12.5 fixed focal ratio

Field size

3/4 degree (1.5 moon diameters), over a 2 inch field

Magnification range

64x with 60mm ocular to 952x with 4mm ocular


0.375 arc seconds


14" diameter x 36" long, with added 5" focuser length

Weight of tube w/o dewcap

65 lb., 29.5kg., dewcap 6 lb, 2.7kg

Diameter of corrector cell
(to fit solar filter)

14.50", 368.3mm


Black anodized cells, clear coated carbon fiber tube

Mirror coating

96% enhanced and protected aluminum

Corrector coating

Broadband multi-coatings both sides

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