Excerpts from product review in Astronomy, September 1993, pp. 62-67

Instruments featured: 105mm f6 Traveler EDT, 155mm f7 StarFire EDT, 400, 600E and 1200 German Equatorial Mounts

"Astro-Physics' new line of refractors promises high-resolution, color-free optics on solid mountings. Our testing found they amply delivered on that promise.

... Each of the three mounts I examined was an outstanding example of fine craftsmanship. Assembly was quick and convenient. Fit and finish were superb. The motions were smooth, the locks firm and solid. And the all-important steadiness of the mountings was as good as I've seen on any mountings of similar size and load-carrying capacity.

... The optical quality of the Traveler proved superb. Images of even the brightest objects - tough tests such as Venus and the limb of the moon - were completely color-free, a remarkable achievement in an f5.8 refractor and a tribute to how far lens technology has come in the past few years. There was no sign of spherical aberration or on-axis astigmatism. Star images looked textbook perfect in focus and on either side of focus. The fully multi-coated optics also provided very bright images for the aperture.

... Optical performance of the 155EDT was impressive. It produced nary a trace of false color even on Venus. Equally impressive, this scope provided superb images as soon as it was set outside. Even in sub-freezing temperatures, image quality, though not perfect at first, was surprisingly sharp from the start. In cold weather, after a modest settle-down time of 30 minutes, in-focus star images were textbook Airy disks with a well- defined first diffraction ring and a trace of a second outer ring. There was no sign of spherical aberration, lens figure changes, heat plumes, or distorted Airy disks due to tube turbulence.

... The current selection of apochromatic refractors on the market is enough to make any lover of fine telescopes drool. The Astro-Physics units I tested proved to be first-class instruments made to exacting standards of performance. Fitted with optional guidescopes, refractors like these have been used to create some of the finest astrophotos ever taken.

The limited production numbers and high demand for Astro-Physics telescopes have produced waits of several months to a year for many models, but if you are looking for some of the finest instruments on the telescope market today, the wait may be worth it."

Alan Dyer, Astronomy

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