Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC) - Version 1.6.0.x

Please refer to the Version History for a detailed listing of the changes that have been made.

Important Installation Information

1. If your installed version is earlier than, you must UNINSTALL any previous version of APCC in the Windows Control Panel. This is due to the new version of the Eltima Virtual Ports Driver that will be installed. You will not lose your settings. If you have a later version, you can install over the previous version.

2. You must install the most recent version of the ASCOM APV2 driver

3. Download the updated APCC Installation and Getting Started Quick Guide - PDF documentation.

4. Download APCC:

5. Refer to the APCC Installation and Getting Started Quick Guide that you have downloaded.

6. Additional downloads to consider:
APCC Standard Manual - PDF

APCC Pro Manual - PDF

7. View videos at this link to help you get started.

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