Standard Pier Adapter of the 1200 Mount

The 1200 series mount is designed to fit into our 10" outside diameter pier, which is available in several heights. The pier adapter of the 1200 mount shown above fits into the post (aluminum tube) of the pier assembly and is secured with six (6) 5/16-18 screws at the location marked C.

If you want to make your own pier, you can either use these six (6) side holes (marked C) or you can use the four (4) countersunk through-holes (marked A) located on the top of the plate. You can also drill additional countersunk holes to fit your specific requirements.

  1. Countersunk through-holes for -20 cap screws - you can use these four (4) holes to attach the mount to a flat surface. These holes are on a 3.75" radius bolt-circle.
  2. The rest of the mount attaches to these locations with hand knobs.
  3. These six (6) 5/16-18 threaded holes are spaced every 60° on the circumference.
  4. The screw that is installed at this location is used to help center the rest of the mounting during assembly.

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