GTO Keypad Battery Information

Keypad Serial Numbers 1565GTO and Lower (assuming the main PC board has not been replaced)

Battery for 256K Memory

If your keypad object database corrupts repeatedly, the battery needs to be replaced. What is a corrupted database? If the data (magnitude, coordinates, object type, etc) for the catalog objects is way off, the database is corrupted. You will often notice this first if the keypad displays "Object below the horizon", when you know that it is not. Slews to the stars and planets will be correct since they are not stored in the same location. E0310 Battery in Clip Holder

Battery Specifications: 3V Lithium battery. Battery life is estimated 5 years at room temperature. As I write this in July 2005, there are many keypads from 1998 that are still operating with the original battery, so it appears that the actual life may be longer. If the battery fails within the 3 year keypad warranty period, it should be replaced by the manufacturer or the warrantly on the remainder of the unit could be voided. The battery itself is not covered under the warranty. This battery is held in place by a clip as shown in the photo at right.

Replacement battery: Renata CR1632 We have heard that there is a Panasonic version with the same part number.
The battery is available from Astro-Physics, part # E0310 for $5 plus shipping.

Repair yourself:

Send to Astro-Physics for repair:

We can install the battery here at Astro-Physics for $30 and reload the database for $20 plus return shipping. Please contact Astro-Physics for a Return Authorization Number. If your keypad is within the 3 year warranty period, we recommend that the keypad be sent here so that you do not void your warranty. The battery itself is not covered under the warranty.

Real Time Clock Battery

The battery that powers the Real Time Clock (RTC) is contained inside the RTC chip, So when that battery goes, the entire RTC chip needs to be swapped out. Although the Real Time Clock chip looks like a battery, the battery is inside that chip. According to the manufacturer, the expected life is 10 years at 25 degrees C. We expect that date and time settings will be lost when this battery needs to be replaced. As of July 2005, the RTC chip has not been replaced on any keypads (we have been shipping keypads since 1998). The manufacturer does not recommend that customers replace the RTC chip themselves because there is more involved than just popping one chip out and popping the new one in. We recommend that all RTC battery replacements be shipped to Astro-Physics for repair. Please obtain a Return Authorization number before sending your keypad. For those with electronics experience, we provide the specifications for the replacement chip. Please remember that if your keypad is within the three year warranty period, the warranty will be voided if you attempt the repair yourself.

Replacement chip: Dallas Semiconductor part number is DS1994L-F5. The chip does not require special programming. It is held in place by a retainer bar that is soldered in place. No further installation instructions will be provided. We recommend that the keypad be returned to Astro-Physics after you obtain a Return Authorization number. .

Keypads 1568GTO and Higher (or keypads repaired with newer PC board)

These keypads have a different PC board and battery configuration from prior keypads. Please note that keypads with lower serial numbers could also have the new board in them if they were upgraded or repaired. If the battery does not look like the one pictured in this document, you likely have the new circuit board.

Battery for 512K Memory

The 512K memory battery includes an wire harness with a connector. This assembly is held in place by a clip. The construction was changed to secure the battery more firmly so that it will not come loose accidently causing a loss of the object February 23, 2011nstallation by the customer.

Real Time Clock for 512K Circuit Board

At this time, we do not have any information on the Real Time Clock (RTC) battery for this keypad.

We do not anticipate the batteries in these keypads will need to be replaced anytime soon. Please call Astro-Physics if you feel that your batteries need to be replaced.

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