Version 4.17 for Astro-Physics GTO Keypad

The firmware of the Astro-Physics GTO Keypad controller can be updated to the new version 4.17 from this page by following the procedures below. This firmware contains all program logic for the functions, menus, entry screens and all other aspects concerned with the operation of the keypad. It also includes the calculated values of the solar system objects and calibration stars. The keypad version number displays when you start your keypad. If you need to download the object database firmware, please refer to Keypad Database Corruption and Reloading for details.

Version 4.17 can be uploaded to all Keypads, regardless of age.

Check These Before You Start

Version 4.17

July 9, 2014.

Please Note: Keypad firmware v4.17 addresses some issues that primarily relate to customers with eastern longitudes and fixes some bugs that were created in earlier attempts to address these issues in v.4.15 and v.4.16. However, we recommend that all customers in the western hemisphere also upgrade their keypad firmware to version 4.17 at this time. We have repaired a bug in v4.15 that only affected older keypads with serial numbers of 1490 and earlier (purchased before April, 2002). When v.4.15 was loaded into these older keypads, the real-time clock stopped functioning. There was no damage done to the clock, and clock function could be restored by simply re-loading v.4.12, or now by loading v.4.17. Version 4.16 fixed the clock problem, but had a separate issue with occasional random freeze-ups of the keypad during initialization, especially when resuming from Reference Park 1. We are now very confident that these issues have been resolved, but if you have a clock related problem or a keypad freeze-up after loading v4.17, please contact us at the e-mail address below:

Download Program to Your Computer
* * If your keypad was programmed to version 4.19 and you are now rolling back to version 4.17, you must uninstall version 4.19 from your computer. * *

Keypad 4.17 and Upgrade Tool
This includes both the Keypad Upgrade Tool and Keypad Flash Update version 4.17 as one download file.
Click on the above link to initiate the download. Make note of the location that the file was stored on your computer. Find the keypad417.exe file that you just downloaded. Click on it to run the installer.

Upload Firmware to Your Keypad
Follow the Instructions for Uploading V4.17 To Your Keypad. We suggest that you print them as a reference.

4.17 - Manual and Addendum
GTO Keypad Controller, Version 4.12 Manual - PDF document.
GTO Keypad Controller, Version 4.17 Addendum to the v4.12 Manual - Includes the complete Revised GTO Quick Star Drift Method for Polar Alignment Instructions and a handy one-page Quick Reference Sheet (12-18-12) - PDF document

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