Upgrade GTO Control Box and Keypad Firmware

10-20-08 Version 4.17 is now available. Users with earlier firmware versions, especially versions v4.07 through 4.12 are urged to upgrade to 4.17. We are now encouraging all users in the western hemisphere with version 4.12 to also upgrade to version 4.17 (we had not previously). Please refer to the bug list beginning with version v4.07.

The firmware (software) of the Astro-Physics GTO Keypad controller can be updated to the current version. Mounts shipped prior to January 22, 2001 will require a new chip for the GTO servo box to enable this flash update process and utilize all the features of this version. The new chip is also required to enable the park function in version 5.00.012 (or above) of TheSky software.

Keypad Controller and GTO Control Box Functions
Your GTO mount has two brains that work together - the firmware housed in the GTO control box and the firmware residing in the keypad controller. We encourage you to review the information regarding the function and interplay of the ROM chip in the GTO Control Box and the keypad EEPROM to better understand your system.

GTO Control Box - Upgrade Firmware

GTO Keypad Firmware - Current and Prior Versions
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We extend special thanks to you, our customer and friend, for your thoughtful suggestions and recommendations. Many of them are implemented in the changes to date and others will be incorporated in future versions. You have great ideas and we appreciate your willingness to share them with us.

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