GTO Keypad Controller - Beta Revisions 3.x

09-12-01 Version 3.06

09-04-01 Version 3.05

08-04-01 Version 3.04

  • Reticle setting. Save at end of session and recall for new session.
  • Photographic timer. Fixed countdown for time over one hour.
  • Solar menu. Press GOTO to initiate slew, makes it consistent with other menus.
  • RA/Dec Rev button. Exit by pressing RA/Dec Rev button.
  • PEM function. Save on/off setting at end of session and recall for new session.
  • Atmospheric refraction calculation. Improved the calculation.
  • Precession of catalog objects. Improved the precession calculation.
  • Common Object Names Tour. Corrected display of constellation and added ability to scroll names.

07-03-01 Version 3.03

  • Stop function in RA/Dec entry screen. Stop button now works when you initiate a slew from the RA/Dec entry screen.
  • Resume from Park 2 when auto-start set to "no". Works properly.
  • RA/Dec Position memory. Now saves RA/Dec position of object to memory as it should. Note a small change that should be in the wording of the manual, i.e. step 4 stated "Press goto." It should read "Advance the cursor with the NEXT> button to the end."
  • Resume from Park 2 when auto-start set to "yes". Dec axis no longer goes 360 degrees to reach object after resume from park 2.

04-28-01 Version 3.02

  • Startup routine. Reworked so that restore from park functions work in all situations.
  • Status. Routine reworked to provide more reliable and consistent information.
  • Version numbers. Added to Main Menu screen.

04-12-01 Version 3.01

  • N-Polar Calibrate. Restored function that displayed previous calibration star for easy selection.
  • Default brightness. Restored to default to bright when keypad powered up.

04-01-01 Version 3.00

  • Auto-start. No entries are needed to start the hand controller. Calibration is automatic. Use this feature if your mount is permanent, polar-aligned and your telescope has not been moved since the previous observing session. Must have version "C" or above.
  • Auto-link. The hand controller can be removed and re-attached to the servo box without need for recalibration. Version "C" or above is required.
  • Auto-park. The telescope can be parked in any orientation.Simply remove the power and the mount will remember where it is. Version "C" or above is required.
  • Sync. The telescope can be synchronized with any star in the star list, which now includes the major solar system objects. No need to go through the polar alignment routine if you are already polar-aligned. Version "C" or later needed.
  • Meridian swap delay. The point where the scope swaps sides can be advanced or delayed from 1 to 6 hours (essentially from eastern to western horizon). This feature must be used carefully so that telescope does not strike the pier. Version "C" or above.
  • Recalibration. Can be accessed in various menus by pressing the RA/DEC/REV button, as well as button #9 when you are in the Objects Menu.
  • Continuous update of current position. Pressing the NEXT > button in the Objects Menu changes the readout into digital setting circles with continous display of RA and Dec positions. The RA and DEC co-ordinates update continuously as you slew with the N-S-E-W buttons.
  • Park. The mount will go into standby mode after reading the park position. The RA tracking will stop.
  • Solar Menu. The solar menu contains all planets, sun and moon on one menu. No scrolling to a second screen.
  • Daylight savings. This setting is now on the Set Date & Time Menu. When you change one, you can change the other at the same time, if needed.
  • Park positions 1,2,3. Added stop ability in this parking function to abort the request to park the telescope. If you stop, the Park Menu will appear on the display.
  • Object data. Can be requested before moving to an object. Press the NEXT > button to see the object data (magnitude, constellation, object type).
  • Photographic timer. You can now change the N-S-E-W button rate while the photographic timer is running. Press the +/- button and select rate from the display.
  • PEM (Permanent Error Memory). Press the +/- button to change the N-S-E-W button rate while you are recording.
  • Button speed menu. Use the +/- button to enter and exit. This button is active when N-S-E-W buttons are active. Also active when in PEM menu.
  • Status. The Main Menu includes a Status button selection, which will, under normal circumstances, state "All Systems Go." Error messages include "Motor Stall" and "Low Battery". The error messages will display when there is a problem with the communication between the keypad and the mount. Version "C" or above required.

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