Revisions to ROM Chip of GTOCP1 and GTOCP2 Control Boxes

The GTOCP1 and GTOCP2 Control Boxes utilize the same microprocessor ROM chip.

Check the version letter and date of the microprocessor ROM chip by opening the top of the GTO control box and looking for a label on one of the large, square chips. If your chip is not dated at all, it was probably programmed prior to July 1999 and is an early version. Some chips will have the letter "K" precede the version number, i.e."KC." These chips are for 400GTO and 600EGTO mounts with a 32:1 gearbox (mounts shipped after 2-16-00).

05-07-01 Version D and KD (Beta testers 04-05-01)
01-22-01 Version C and KC
11-13-00 Version B (the chips issued between 11-13-00 and 01-22-01 are marked "A" but were really version B )
05-22-00 02-16-00 11-30-99 08-09-99 07-29-99 5-13-99 12-18-98
Note: We recommend removing all power cords from the mount and/or from the wall socket to prevent damage from direct lightening strikes.

10-30-98 7-17-98 7-16-98 7-9-98


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