Version S" Firmware Upgrade for the GTOCP3 -
Required for Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC)

The EEPROM of the GTOCP3 must be updated to version V" firmware in order to download and use our Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC) software. It contains many new commands needed for the advanced features of APCC, including custom absolute tracking rates implemented in arc seconds per hour and new meridian delay commands and functions to name a few.

Determine your Current ROM Chip Version

There are several ways to check the version letter and date of the microprocessor ROM chip to see if you already have an S" version chip.


Please refer to the information below to determine the pricing for your chip upgrade.

APCC Beta Testers
The final version of the S" chip will be provided to you free of charge along with an extraction tool and instructions for installation. We have sent e-mails or letters too all beta testers. If you haven't heard from us yet, please give us a call.

3600GTO and 3600GTOPE owners
3600GTO and 3600GTOPE mounts shipped after October 15, 2012 already have the chip installed. If your mount was shipped prior to that date, the S" chip will be provided to you free of charge along with an extraction tool and instructions for installation. We have sent e-mails to all customers for whom we had contact information to request confirmation of the shipping address. f you haven't heard from us yet, please give us a call.

New 900GTO and Mach1GTO orders
When you place your order, you will have an opportunity to upgrade your mount to the new S" version chip before it ships from Astro-Physics for the reduced price of $65. Please request this upgrade at the time you place your order.

All mounts shipped from Astro-Physics between August 1 - October 18, 2012
You are eligible for a reduced price of $65 plus shipping for the chip upgrade kit (part # CHIPKITS). Please watch for the e-mail that we will send to you to confirm the shipping address. If you dont hear from us yet, please give us a call.

All 1600GTO orders
The "S" version chip is already included with this mount.

All mounts with GTOCP3 control boxes that are not included in the categories above.
The price for the chip upgrade kit (part # CHIPKITS) is $80 plus shipping. The kit includes the S" version chip, extraction tool and installation instructions. Please refer to the order information below.

Installation Options

You may choose to install the chip yourself using these instructions or send the control box to Astro-Physics. There is an additional installation charge of $45 plus return shipping.

Important Considerations
If your previous ROM chip was version Q" or earlier, you MUST perform a full initialization on your first power-up, and you will also need to redo the mounts PEM (Periodic Error Memory). To accommodate the added features of these newer chips, the location in the GTOCP3s non-volatile memory where time, location, gear angle and PE information is permanently stored has been changed. Your previously stored data will no longer be usable. The new information you enter now, however, will be remembered going forward.

Initialization: If you use the keypad in your first session, follow the instructions in the Keypad Manual as if you are setting up for your first session. You will not have to setup your location data or time since that information is stored in the keypad.

If you control your mount with a PC in your first session (i.e. with the ASCOM Driver, APCC, PulseGuide or any other computer control), be sure that the options are selected to send all of the time, date, GMT offset and location data to the mount. For your first time using the new ROM chip your computer software MUST give the servo a full initialization. You will also need to reestablish pointing and orientation by resuming from one of the AP pre-defined park positions or by performing a Sync on a star. Note: a Re-Calibrate is not sufficient.

PEM (Periodic Error Memory): You will need to redo your PEM. Since the gear angle information is lost, the PE data that you have stored will no longer be in sync with the worm gear, so simply saving it to your computer via PEMPro and reloading it will not work. Once new PEM data is stored with the correct gear angle association, it will be remembered going forward.

Order Information

These instructions apply to all CHIPKITS purchases except for the special categories above: Beta testers, 3600GTO and 3600GTOPE owners or mounts shipped from August 1 - October 18, 2012.

Online Order for Version S" Firmware
Who may order: U.S. customers may order online in the usual manner.

Part # to order: CHIPKITS, which includes S" chip, extraction tool and instructions

How to order: Follow the normal online order process. You must provide the following information in the comments field:

Fax or Mail Order for Version S" Firmware
Who may order: All U.S. and international customers, including customers in countries with exclusive dealers. V" chips will not be sold through dealers since we must obtain the e-mail address that you wish to use to identify yourself for the APCC software purchase and download.

Part # to order: CHIPKITS, which includes S" chip, extraction tool and instructions

How to order: Print the Chip Upgrade Form.
Complete all information on the form including:

Upgrade to GTOCP3 Control Box
If you currently have a GTOCP1 or GTOCP2, you will need to order a GTOCP3 control box.

Who may order:

Part # to order: GTOCP3, which includes S" chip. Note, the final part number on your sales order will have additional numbers or letters, depending on the version of mount that you have, i.e. GTOCP3-912 is the proper part number for a 900GTO, 1200GTO or Mach1GTO. Additional cables or adapters may be needed to attach the control box to your mount.

How to order by phone:

How to order by fax or mail:

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