TheSky version 5.00.014 Windows Update - AP Driver Features

If you own Level IV Version 5 of TheSky from Software Bisque, you can download the new 5.00.014 Windows from the support section of the Software Bisque website. This version allows you to chose the Astro-Physics GTO German Equatorial Mount from the drop-down box in Telescope | Setup and fixes errors in the previous version. Additional features of 5.00.014 are listed on their site.

The micro-controller chip in your GTO control box must be dated November 13, 2000 or later in order to access all of the features outlined below. Check the date by opening the top of the GTO control box and looking for a label on one of the large, square chips. If your chip is not dated at all, it was probably programmed prior to July 1999 and is an early version. Contact Astro-Physics if you need a new ROM chips for your GTO Control Box. We suggest that the chip be dated January 22, 2001 or later.

Functions available to all GTO control box versions

Additional functions for mounts with chips dated 11-13-00 or later

Using TheSky v5.00.014 with Your GTO Mount.
This document is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0. Print it as an addendum to your GTO Control Box instruction manual.
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