Run Mount Test Utility

The Mount Test Utility was developed for the following situations:

  • Keypad locked up on Astro-Physics screen due to problem with keypad upload for version 4.x when keypad was set to Autostart "yes". After you run this utility, the keypad will advance to the Main Menu. Then, you can enter your location, date and time data and set Autostart to "no."

  • Keypad locked up for unknown reason. After you run this program you will be able to determine if the problem is in the keypad or the mount/electronics.

  • Download the Software From This Site

    1. Download Mount Utility to the drive of your choice. Make a note of where you stored the file so you can find it later.

    2. Find the mounttest.exe file that you just downloaded. Click on it to run the installer program. Follow the instructions on your screen.

    Setup the system

    1. Connect the RA and Dec motor cables and power cable to the GTO control box of the mount. DO NOT connect the keypad at this time. DO NOT turn the power on yet.

    2. Connect the RS-232 cable to your personal computer and the GTO control box.

    3. The mount will be commanded to move during this test so it should be set up in the "classic" mount pose, i.e. the scope is pointing to the pole (if it is on the mount), the RA axis is vertical and Dec=90. This is just like the Park 3 position as shown in the GTO Manual.

    Test Procedure

    1. Start your PC. The keypad upgrade tool will run under Windows 95 or later.

    2. Assuming that you downloaded with the default file location settings, select Start | Programs | Astro-Physics | Mount Test Utility.

    3. The Mount/Keypad Test Utility window will appear.

    4. Select the proper COM port.

    5. Press Start Test Now.

    6. Since the mount will be commanded to move at 600x, several warning messages will appear. Please read and follow directions.

    7. If the test does not start, try another COM port. You will have to exit from the program, then bring it up again due to a bug in this part of the program.

    8. When the test begins, the red bar under this button should turn green.

    9. A series of commands will be issued to the mount and the responses from the mount will appear in the lower box. You will see the red buttons on the right side turn green as the various slew and directional commands are issued. The mount will move a small amount. At the end of the process, the mount will return to its original position.

    10. If the Main Menu appears on the keypad - The problem may have been due to a firmware download of v4.x with auto-connect set to "Yes".
      - Go to Setup | Locations & Time
      - Enter your location data, time and date information. Set Autostart to "No" (Setup | Keypad Options), turn the power off and wait 30 seconds. Turn the power on again and follow the normal startup procedures. You can set Auto-Connect to "yes" at the end of your session. If you have firmware version 4.11 or lower, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest firmware version.

    11. If there is a communication problem between the mount and the control box during this test, the mount will not respond. Please call Astro-Physics to let us know the last successful command that was issued.
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