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Information regarding upgrades to the GTO Control Box and Keypad Firmware.

Vintage Products - Instruction Manuals and Sheets
Products previously manufactured or offered by Astro-Physics. - We still carry many of the accessory items you may have purchased with previous versions of our products. You will find those items in the "Current Products" section below.

Current Products - Instruction Manuals and Sheets

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Mount Accessories

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This section of our website is currently under construction. Our goal is to provide a wide range of instructions and information that will prove to be valuable to those who own our products as well as those who are considering the purchase of our products. We realize that we have only scratched the surface and look forward to incorporating additional instruction pages.

If you have further questions, or the answer you are looking for is not included in this section.
You may contact Astro-Physics' technical support staff at

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