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ATMOS Optical Design and Analysis Software is the creation of Massimo Riccardi, an Italian advanced Amateur Telescope Maker and designer. Mr. Riccardi has considerable experience with telescope designing and glassworking: Doublets, Triplets, Catadioptrics, etc. Several years ago, after mastering his optical knowledge, he felt the need for a program capable of producing SpotDiagrams for many wavelengths at the same time. So, just for fun, he tried to write a routine capable of producing such polychromatic Spotdiagrams using the only programming language he knew: QBASIC.

He succeeded and, as often happens, he felt the need to improve it again by adding several analysis routines. Thus, the first version of "ATMOS" (Amateur Telescope Maker Optical design and analysis Software) was born. At that time it was for personal use only.

Then, dissatisfied with DOS & QBASIC capabilities, he chose a programming language that ran under MS-WINDOWS. In this way he could get not only a better looking program, but most of all, a user-friendly interface with many windows, buttons and textboxes where the user could type the data or display the results. He rewrote ATMOS in Visual Basic and added many more analysis routines and useful telescope design tools.

ATMOS now is a powerful program with a user-friendly interface that allows the user to Analyze, Design and OPTIMIZE Centered/Uncentered optical systems and it is avalaible at a very affordable price. ATMOS is appreciated by amateurs and professional users and is under continuous development.

The current ATMOS version supports up to 100 surfaces and Obscuration Screens. It includes a powerful routine for Optimization, adjustable Aperture Stop position and supports both Finite / Infinte Object Distance. It also displays improved 2D, 3D-Layouts .

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