2" UHC-S High Transmission Nebula Filter (BPUHCS2)

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This filter is available in 1.25" (BPUHCS125) and 2" (BPUHCS2) sizes.

  • Visual and photographic UHC-S Nebula filter
  • Ultra High Contrast L Filter blocks city lights and increases contrast of Nebula
  • Planeoptically polished for the highest image quality.
  • Creates a much brighter image than a conventional Nebula filter.

A new generation of light pollution rejection/nebula filter. Baader Planetarium's unique “golden mean" design transmits sufficient light for even small aperture telescopes while preserving the high contrast of traditional UHC (Ultra High Contrast") filters.

Exactly tailored to block off all of the common streetlight emissions. The sensible alternative to all previous generations of Deep Sky and UHC filters both visually and photographically.

 Transmission Curve



Spectral Position by Color


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