1.25" UV-IR Rejection Filter (BPUVIR125)

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This filter is available in two sizes: 1.25" (BPUVIR125) and 2" (BPUVIR2) sizes.

  • Blocks UV below 400nm and IR above 680nm
  • Maximum transmission, scratch proof, hard coated
  • Non-ageing sealed coating edges

This filter is a must for all digital imaging with CCD cameras, digital cameras and webcams. Corresponds to the L ("Luminance") filter in an RGB filter set. Provides pinpoint stellar images.

Reflects deleterious infrared rays without heating, while providing 98% transmission over the entire visual spectrum. The plane-parallel polished substrate allows this filter to be employed at large distances from the focal plane, notably in binocular viewers and for eyepiece projection.

Exciting possibilities in combination with other filters! For example, when combined with the Solar Continuum Filter, the entire accessible electromagnetic spectrum is blocked with the exception of a narrow region around 540nm.

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