30" Tripod Duffel Bag for Losmandy Folding Light-Weight Tripod (C0041)

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When traveling light, the Losmandy Light-Weight Tripod (LMLWT-AP) for the Mach1GTO is the perfect choice.   And the perfect choice to carry that tripod is the 30” Tripod Duffel Bag!

This Tripod Bag fits the tripod like a glove and makes carrying it a breeze.  Though this is not a padded bag, its tough ballistic fabric will provide protection through years of use.  The handles can be adjusted to sling it over your shoulder or carry it by hand.  A full-length, rugged zipper makes quick work of loading and unloading your tripod. 

Exterior and interior dimensions: 30.0” length x 11.75” width
Weight: 1.0 lb. (.5 kg)

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