Kendrick Visual AstroSolar Filter for 92mmf6.65 Stowaway. Fits 112-122mm OD, 102mm filter aperture. (KS6006-BL)

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Limited quantities. Kendrick Astro plans to discontinue the Classic Solar Filter line due to higher costs of production. Order yours today. Please note that this filter is NOT the correct size for 90mm f5 or f7 Stowaways produced in 1999-2002. 

Kendrick Classic Solar filters featuring Baader film are famous for their exquisite sharpness and detail across the entire field of view in an eyepiece and have a very pleasing and comfortable image brightness.

Using the Baader AstroSolar™ safety film, Kendrick manufactures aluminum filter cells in a variety of apertures. With three long nylon screws placed on tabs at 120° intervals, this filter cell enables you to safely attach the filter to your lens cell or dew shield for a variety of telescope apertures.

Baader AstroSolar™ safety film is incredibly tough and does not break or tear easily. To puncture it with a blunt object takes a lot of force, much more force that would be used in normal day to day usage.

Unlike glass filters, Baader film does not have a perfect cosmetic surface. Wrinkles, folds, kinks, pinholes and other imperfections in this film are normal and will be present on any Baader film solar filter purchased from us. These do not affect the image quality or safety of the filter. In fact, most experienced solar observers say that "wrinkles" improves image contrast. Pinholes, even at full solar intensity, work as a camera obscura. This means that each pinhole would project its own solar image, just like eyepiece projection. Anyone expecting or requiring a perfect cosmetic filter surface should consider another manufacturer's filter.

Please use the following chart to determine the proper filter for your telescope.

Recommended Solar Filter Sizes – For Astro-Physics Refractors, Finder and Binoculars

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