APCC License Transfer

The revised Astro-Physics Software License Agreement, effective 08-16-21, allows the transfer of APCC-ST and APCC-PRO ONLY in conjunction with the sale of an Astro-Physics mount.  The license agreement does not allow transfer or sale of APCC if NOT accompanied by the sale of a mount.  

According to the license agreement for all licenses issued prior to 08-16-21, transfers were not allowed.  We are providing the ability to transfer these licenses as a courtesy since our mounts are now shipped with an APCC license.  All transfers are subject to our approval. 

Conditions of the Transfer

  • The seller must provide the license key and the email under which the license was issued. 
  • The seller must provide the serial number of the mount that will be sold to the buyer. 
  • The seller must agree to uninstall APCC from all computers and delete all prior license information. The prior license will no longer be valid.

Transfer Process

If the sale of the mount is contingent on the transfer of APCC, we suggest that the seller and buyer complete the following steps up to the point of purchase prior to finalizing the sale transaction. 

  1. Both seller and buyer must complete all required fields of the forms at the links below. Please review the information on these forms to be sure that you have all of the required information.    
    Seller: https://form.jotform.com/AstroPhysics/apcc-transfer-mount-seller-form
    Buyer: https://form.jotform.com/AstroPhysics/apcc-transfer-mount-buyer-form

  2. If the seller does not have the APCC license key or remember the original email address that was used to obtain the license key, the information can be retrieved at this link:  https://apastrosoftware.com/APCC/LicenseHelp/index.html. Please do not call our office.

  3. Complete the forms and click Submit.

  4. Each form will automatically generate an email to Astro-Physics. 

  5. Astro-Physics will review the information on the forms and determine if all of the conditions of the transfer are met. 

  6. The buyer will complete the purchase for the new license. 

  7. Astro-Physics will complete the transfer and issue a new license to the buyer that includes a one-year subscription for all new features and enhancements. 

  8. The seller will uninstall APCC from all computers and delete all prior license information. The prior license is no longer valid.