Software Updates

FTDI Driver for USB on GTOCP4 and GTOCP5

For Windows: 

For Mac:

For Linux: 

JAVA for Utilities and Keypad V5 Download

ASCOM V2 Driver & Platform

ASCOM V2 Driver current version 

ASCOM V6.5 SP1 Platform  for use with the V2 Driver and APCC - Thanks to the ASCOM Initiative


APCC Download Center

Retrieve APCC License or Change Your Email Address Click if you have lost your APCC license or wish to change the email address associated with APCC. 

Using NINA with APCC-PRO and Astro-Physics Mounts

GTOCP4 Control Box Software Update

GTOCP4 current version

GTOCP4 previous version-P01-14

GTOCP5 Control Box Software Update

GTOCP5 current version

Keypad V4.19.3 Software Download (can use with GTOCP1, GTOCP2, GTOCP3 and GTOCP4)

Keypad current version  

Keypad Database - Corruption and Reloading 

Keypad Software Download (can only use with GTOCP4 and GTOCP5)

04-19-21. This software is only available for owners of Mach2GTO mounts at this time. It will be more widely available in the near future. If you have an older keypad and own a Mach2, please refer to: Upgrading Older Keypads to Version 5. 

GTOCP3, GTOCP2 and GTOCP1 Control Box Upgrades

Upgrade information