Software Updates

FTDI Driver (required for USB on GTOCP4 and GTOCP5)

For Windows:

For Mac:

For Linux: 

Java Platform (required for AP GTO Utilities and other utilities) - make sure to install the correct version for your OS and hardware (Note to Mac users: there is a separate install for Apple Silicon CPUs)

AP GTO Utilities - Managing your Control Box and Keypad updates

NEW AP GTO Utilities 4.0 (VAP-04, requires Java Platform) A new all-in-one application for managing your GTOCP4 or GTOCP5 Control Box (with some capabilities for managing your CP3). It replaces and extends the AP USB/Serial Utilities and provides the following features and benefits:

• Review the current status and firmware version of your Control Box. (CP3/4/5)
• One-button auto-update of your Control Box firmware. (CP4/5)
• Update Keypad firmware and database for both V4 and V5 keypads.
• Review and change Ethernet and Wi-Fi network settings. (CP4/5)
• Personality change utility. (CP4/5)
• Use a command terminal interface to send commands and see results.(CP3/4/5)
• Save/Restore your Control Box settings when changing Control Boxes or replacing components. (CP3/4/5)
• Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux (requires Java platform installed). (CP3/4/5)

(Can't download the .jar file? It's also available for download as .zip archive) 

AP GTO Utilities User Manual (PDF) User Manual for the AP GTO Utilities, including installation, Java Platform install, and complete reference for all features.

Video Tutorial on How to Update CP4/5 Firmware using AP GTO Utilities. Easy, fast, and reliable updates for your control box!

ASCOM Platform & AP V2 Driver

ASCOM V6.6 Platform  for use with the ASCOM V2 Driver and APCC

ASCOM V2 Driver current version 

APCC Software

APCC Download Center Get the latest version of APCC Standard and APCC Pro

Retrieve APCC License or Change Your Email Address Click if you have lost your APCC license or wish to change the email address associated with your APCC license. 

Indi Driver

Indi Driver for Astro-Physics Mounts for use with the Indi Platform


GTOCP Control Box Firmware Updates


Current version is P02-16 

CP4 and CP5 Control Box firmware updates are now accomplished through the AP GTO Utilities (see above for app download and user manual)

Watch the Video on How to Update CP4/5 Firmware using AP GTO Utilities. Easy, fast, and reliable updates for your control box!

Legacy CP4 Firmware

GTOCP4 previous version - P01-14 - Only use with SkyX non-ASCOM (proprietary) driver



These legacy CP models do not have software-updateable firmware. Check our Upgrade information for possible updates


Keypad Updates

All V4 and V5 Keypad updates are now performed through AP GTO Utilities. See above on this page for software download and user manual. 


Other Tools

Note: many of the features of the tools listed below are now integrated into the AP GTO Utilities

Find Mounts (VFM-01-04) to find current GTOCP4 IP addresses and other network information via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Works for any computer - Windows, Mac or Linux running Java.

WiFi Poll for GTOCP4 and GTOCP5 Ethernet Application (2016-0711) to find current IP addresses and other network information. It also can open the GTOCP4 or GTOCP5 webpage in IE. Requires AP V2 ASCOM Driver and a USB or serial connection to the control box.

Default IP Address Calculator and Latitude/Longitude Coordinate Converter This link has two handy tools:
     ** IP Address Calculator - will take the CPx serial number and return the default IP address for the device. While the Wi-Fi poll and FindMounts look at your actual system and find devices, this only does a basic calculation without looking into your computer.
     ** Latitude/Longitude Coordinate Converter - Enter local coordinates in decimal degrees, and press Calculate Coordinates to get the Degree:Minute:Second format.