Notification List

As long-time customers know, Astro-Physics telescopes and mounts have been in high demand for many years. We spend a considerable amount of time with each instrument to be sure that it performs exceptionally well and we have a reputation for excellent service and support. Discriminating astronomers also appreciate the precision and craftsmanship of our mounts.

Many years ago, we started our notification lists so that people who were interested in a particular instrument could sign up. Each time we produce a telescope or mount, we contact the people on these lists, offering them an opportunity to order. There is no obligation to purchase the instrument if you are on the list, and you do not have to pay a deposit. Signing up on the notification list is not the same as an order. It is merely a list that indicates your interest.

The Availability tab for each scope or mount provides information regarding the status of that item. If there is a link to a Notification Request Form, be sure to sign up if you are interested!

For accessories that are out-of-stock, click the Notify Me button, enter your email address and click the button to submit. We will contact you when the item is available for you to order. 

Thank you for your continued interest in our products!