Power Cable Set with 2-Pin and Powerpole Connectors for GTOCP4 and GTOCP5 (CABPP4SET)

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The power cable for the GTOCP4 or GTOCP5 (Mach2GTO only) can purchased as a set or the individual parts can be purchased separately.

The power receptacle on these control boxes is a 2-pin jack with locking collar. Users will find this to be a more solid and consistent connection than previous control boxes. 

Mounts that need this cable:

  • All mounts upgrading from previous control boxes to a GTOCP4.
  • Mach2GTO with the GTOCP5 control box.

The Power Cable Set (CABPP4SET) is comprised of all three cables and a clip:

  • 6' Cable with 2-Pin locking connector on one end and Anderson Powerpole   connectors on the opposite end. The 2-pin connector provides a solid connection to the GTOCP4 and GTOCP5 and the Anderson Powerpoles offer flexibility for various power options. The black cable remains flexible in the cold weather, a feature that has been appreciated by users for many years. (CABPP6
  • 18" Power Cable Extension with Cigarette Lighter Plug and Powerpole Connector (CABPP18C)
  • 18" Power Cable Extension with Ring Terminals and Powerpole Connector (CABPP18R)
  • Clip to secure the 6' cable to whichever extension you choose.
  • Velcro Tie

You may also create your own short extension cable by using Anderson Powerpole connectors and components purchased on the Powerwerx website. Securing clips can also be purchased directly from their website.  Remember, longer cables result in more voltage drop. For longer cables, use more voltage. The GTOCP4 is limited to 18V and the GTOCP5 is limited to 24V.  Insufficient voltage will result in an amber power light on the control box or result in a keypad reset and may cause a labored sound of the motors when using the GTOCP4. 

If you have a GTOCP1, GTOCP2, GTOCP3 or one of our older mounts that has the Switchcraft locking connector shown above, check out our CABLPFPP.  It is also suitable for the fan of your Mak-Cas or 305mm Riccardi-Honders.