GTOCP5 Upgrade

Version VCPx-P02-15

The software for the Astro-Physics GTOCP5 Servo Control box can be updated to the latest version from this page. We now offer two methods for updating your control box. Choose the one that is most suited to the connections you typically use. If your computer is connected with USB or serial, we HIGHLY recommend using the auto-download method described below.

Download Options

USB/Serial Utility with Auto-download Option

If your GTPCP5 is connected with a USB cable, USB-to-serial adapter or serial cable, this utility provides a quick-and-easy way to update to your control box. Simply connect to your mount and click ONE BUTTON to automate the entire download process including the internet search for the appropriate file. You do not need to know the serial number of your control box, IP address or the password for the download website. The utility takes care of the entire process.  

The utility also offers the option of selecting the file to initiate the upgrade process. This is most useful for troubleshooting or special circumstances rather than a full version upgrade.

The utility is a .jar file that requires the Java applet be loaded on your computer. Java files can be used across a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. However, the present version may not work with all Mac computers so be sure to have a Windows computer available as a backup or use the Ethernet method.

USB/Serial Utility Use with Windows, Mac or Linux computers with the Java app installed.
Instructions for USB/Serial Utility 

Ethernet Download Option

If you have already established an Ethernet connection, this may be the method to choose. The Ethernet connection can be either a direct peer-to-peer or through a wired local network. Wi-Fi is not currently allowed for upgrades because it is generally less reliable than cabled Ethernet.

In order to upgrade, you must download a .zip file from a protected area of our website. To download this program package, you will need the username and password that was provided in the cover letter that came with your mount's original documentation. If you do not have this information, please contact Astro-Physics by phone or email addressed to support at Please provide us with the serial number of your Mach2GTO mount and/or GTOCP5 when you contact us. The .zip file contains the following: 

  • Firmware files.
  • Instructions for installing the new software through a browser: cpx-download-browser.pdf
  • FindMount.jar Java applet. Facilitates finding the GTOCP4 or GTOCP5's IP address. This is especially useful for non-Windows users. Refer to the download instructions for details. You must have Java installed.
  • E-net_WiFi_Poll_2016-0711.exe program. Enables ASCOM users to find the GTOCP4 or GTOCP5's IP address and open up its built-in Web page. Refer to the download instructions for details.
  • Latlong-ip-calculator.html. Allows you to enter the GTOCP5 serial number and return the default IP address for the device. While the Wi-Fi poll and FindMounts look at your actual system and find devices, this only does a basic calculation without looking into your computer. Use if the FindMounts or Wi-Fi poll fail to detect a mount.

Download Firmware to Your Computer

Click on the link below to start the download process. Enter the username and password when prompted to do so. Save the zip file to a convenient place.

VCPx-P02-15 Full Package  - This is NOT needed if you plan to use the USB/Serial Utility Auto-Download option. 

Follow the appropriate instructions for your USB/Serial  or Ethernet connection.  You may wish to download and print them for review before you begin the process.

Instructions for USB/Serial Utility: USB/Serial Utility

Instructions for Ethernet: cpx-download-browser.pdf document (also included in the Full Package download)


GTOCP5 Manual

Please compare the current GTOCP5 manual to your present manual to be sure that you have the latest. It is linked here for your convenience and is not required for the software update.

Version History and Bug Fixes

Version History and List of Known Bug Fixes (PDF)