Keypad 4.19.5 Code Load Only-Java Loader

The JAVA-based Keypad Loader for v4.19.5 requires a GTOCP4 with version P02-01 or later version firmware for the loading process. However, a keypad with 4.19.5 can be used with any GTOCP1, GTOCP2, GTOCP3 or GTOCP4 control box to control your mount in the field.

The code (program) firmware of the Astro-Physics GTO Keypad can be updated to the new version 4.19.5 from this page by following the procedures below. This firmware contains all program logic for the functions, menus, entry screens and all other aspects concerned with the operation of the keypad. It also includes the calculated values of the solar system objects and calibration stars. The keypad version number displays when you start your keypad.

If your database is corrupted, follow the instructions on this webpage: Java Keypad Loader for Database Load, Requires GTOCP4 with P02-01 or Later

  • What keypad serial numbers can upgrade to v4.19.5? Only keypads with serial number 1565GTO or higher can be updated due to memory requirements for this version. Some repaired keypads with earlier serial numbers preceded by R may have sufficient memory.
  • Who should upgrade to v4.19.5? Keypads that are used with GTOCP4 control boxes that have P02-01 firmware or later versions. 
  • Why upgrade? A new rate table was introduced in P02-01. If GTOCP4 control boxes with this or later versions use a keypad with v4.19.3, the button rates will not display correctly on the keypad (when you select 600x, the mount will move at 200x and selecting 1200x will actually result in 600x). 
  • What control boxes can be used with v4.19.5? Use with GTOCP4 and all earlier Astro-Physics control boxes: GTOCP1, GTOCP2 and, GTOCP3. Do not use v4.19.5 with the GTOCP5 and Mach2GTO. You should use v5.xx to take full advantage of the capabilities of the mount and utilize the proper startup sequence for the Mach2GTO.

**Check These Before You Start**

  • Keypad serial number. The keypad serial number must be 1565GTO or higher. However, if your older keypad was repaired and the new serial number begins with the letter "R", it is possible that the repaired unit has the higher memory capacity required for this upgrade. Contact Astro-Physics for further information. The older keypads do not have sufficient memory for the new code load.  

  • GTOCP4 with version P02-01 firmware or later. This JAVA Loader can ONLY be used with the GTOCP4 control box that has the required firmware P02-01 or later. If you have a GTOCP4 control box with P01-xx software, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest version from our Software Updates tab and then complete this code upload. 

  • Windows, Mac or Linux computer with JAVA installed. 

  • USB or Straight-thru serial cable is required. Ethernet and WiFi downloads are not supported at this time for the Keypad updates. If you are using a serial cable, You cannot use a "null modem or crosswired" cable. In recent years, all mounts were shipped with the proper serial cable. If you do not have one, you can order a 15' cable from Astro-Physics. If you must use a USB-to-serial adapter, be sure that it has an FTDI chip. We have also had success with Keyspan adapters. We do not recommend USB to serial adapters with Prolific chips.

  • Control box, Keypad, power cable and power supply (or battery) are required for the upload. The upload procedure to the keypad requires that the program be routed through the ROM chip in the GTO control box. In order to accomplish this, your control box must be set up with power near your PC. The mount and motor cables are not required.

  • User name and password to access the download area of our website. This information was provided in the cover letter shipped with your mount. If you do not have the user name and password, contact Astro-Physics. If your name is not already registered in our GTO database, we will ask for your mount or keypad serial number to assure that you are authorized to access this area of our website. We suggest that you fill out and submit the Mount Registration Form.

Keypad Version History

GTO Keypad - Release Notes and History of Revisions - PDF document

Print the instructions at the link below

Upgrading Your Keypad to V4.19.5 - Code Load Only,  Java Keypad Loader - PDF document

Download Program to Your Computer

Click on the link below to initiate the download. Make note of the location that the file was stored on your computer. Follow the instructions that you have printed.

Keypad Manual

GTO Keypad Manual, v4.19.5 - PDF document.