Absolute Encoder Kit for 1100GTO - Standard Temperature (11AE-4-KIT)

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The photo above shows the 1100GTO with either version of the absolute encoders installed - standard temperature or extended temperature. The outward appearance is identical for both versions. 

Absolute Encoders on both axes eliminates drive train errors, and provide software readable absolute position, customizable home and limit functions for robotic imaging. For the 1100 and 1600 mounts, this assumes the clutches haven't been moved and a proper sync has been performed.

We have chosen the Renishaw RESOLUTE Absolute Encoders as best-in-class for performance and reliability. Please read the technical information for more specifics, including the recommended temperature range for each model.

This upgrade kit can be retrofit onto your 1100GTO when you are ready to take advantage of its capabilities. The system will be tested as a whole prior to shipment to ensure that all components are functioning properly. In order to complete the assembly, a little manual dexterity is required to position the screws in a restrictive space. We will provide detailed instructions to guide you through this process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the kit must be installed onto an 1100GTO mount for alignment and testing at AP, it will only be available when we have a mount on hand that we can use. Typically, this will be limited to times that we are assembling that particular mount. As a result, completion of your kit may be delayed.


The GTOCP4 control box and associated power cable are required for all installations.

Placing Your Order:

We encourage you to place your order as soon as you have made your decision. We expect to have a limited quantity of standard and extended temperature encoders available at the date specified above. They will be allocated as orders come in.  Please be prepared to provide the following information: 

  • Serial number of your mount.
  • Do you have a GTOCP4 control box?
  • Do you want standard or extended temperature encoders? 

What’s Included:

1100GTO R.A. and Dec. Absolute Encoders

  • R.A. and Dec. Absolute Encoders installed and aligned in adapter ring
  • R.A. and Dec. Readheads with wire harness, aligned in adapter
  • Cable from GTOCP4 Control Box to Interface at rear of the R.A. axis
  • 1100GTO Junction Box with Cables
  • All required fasteners
  • Instructions for installation

Return Policy

Encoder kits are non-returnable and non-refundable. The encoder ring and delicate electronics inside the readhead can be damaged by improper handling.