15" Ribbed Mounting Plate - 1200 and 1600 Mounts (1200RP15)

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This plate is 14.75" long, 7.75" at its widest point 5" at each end and 1" thick. The underside of the plate is carved into a ribbed pattern to maximize the strength and minimize the weight to a mere 3 lb. A pair of keyhole slots that measure 3.2" between centers are provided at each end. The distance between the pairs is 13.75".

If you plan to use an accessory plate on top of your rings, we suggest the 15" Dovetail Plate (DOVE15), now discontinued. All Astro-Physics rings (except the Traveler and Stowaway) are pre-drilled to accept the DOVE15. Rings from Parallax Instruments can be drilled with the Astro-Physics hole pattern, as well.

Fasteners listed on Mounting Plate Fastener Chart