2.7" Focuser with Feather Touch Micro 9:1 Dual-Speed Knobs (27FOC3E-FT)

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The silky smoothness of the 2.7" Astro-Physics focuser and the dual-speed mechanism of the Feather Touch Micro are both realized in this superb focuser. The dual-speed feature is particularly advantageous for critical focusing of scopes with fast focal ratios.

  • FeatherTouch Micro assembly with 9:1 dual-speed focusing knobs to allow fine adjustments for critical focusing.
  • Focusing scale with "mm" graduations that will enable you to return to a particular position easily. (Photo above)

Who should use this focuser?

  • Upgrade scopes that already have prior version of 2.7" focuser. This focuser is offered to owners of Astro-Physics refractors shipped prior to July 1, 2001 as a replacement for their original focuser. If your scope was shipped later than July 1, 2001, please consider the Feather Touch Micro Upgrade (27FTMU) rather than replacing the entire focuser. Not sure? Please review this focuser block information.

    If you have a very early scope with an Astro-Physics cast aluminum focuser (painted black), Jaeger's 2" focuser with red knobs or a 2" Japanese style focuser, please read this link.
  • Amateur Telescope Makers. This focuser is a great choice for do-it-yourselfers who are constructing their prize scope (we no longer offer a separate unengraved focuser for ATMs; you are welcome to use the engraved version).

The focuser includes the 2" (ADA2003A) and 1.25" (ADA125) adapters.
Weight is 5.6 lb. (2.5 kg).
External thread of the focuser housing is 4.875" x 24.
Focuser Dimensions

Instructions for installation:
To substitute focusers, simply loosen the set screw on the underside of the original focuser and thread the focuser from the tube. Do not use the knobs for leverage, or you may bend the pinion gear. Attach the new focuser, position with respect to the finder bracket holes, tighten the set screw and you are ready to go.

Accessories to consider:
You may prefer a sturdier cover than the included plastic plug.  Astro-Physics also offers an optional aluminum cover that will accommodate this part, depending on your storage needs.  Please review the information regarding the Threaded Cover for AP 2.7" Drawtubes and Accessories with 2.7" Female Threads (A1005).  More information can be found on our Accessory Reference Chart for 2.7" Threaded Covers.

A digital focusing system is available for imaging automation.  Visual observers may also enjoy using the available hand paddle with the digital system. See the Focuser Boss II Electronic Focusing Control Kit for more details.