Feather Touch Micro Assembly Upgrade for Astro-Physics 4" Focusers with Stepped Pinion Block (4FTMU)

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Watch your images snap into focus with this Feather Touch Micro Upgrade. Astro-Physics teamed up with Starlight Instruments to produce this dual-speed assembly, which features a 9:1 reduction knob. The coarse-focus knobs allow you to rack the drawtube out quickly, and the fine knob is used to find and hold the final focus point. Ideal for very high powers with short focus oculars and Barlow amplifiers. It will also allow quick, precise manual focusing with CCD cameras. You'll love the smoooooooth feel. It can be mounted so that the fine focus knob is either on the right or the left side for your convenience.

We highly recommend the dual-speed focuser for both visual and imaging use.  When manually focusing your CCD or DSLR camera, you will see improved accuracy and ease.  Adding the Starlight Instruments’ "Focuser Boss Digital Kit" allows automated focusing using FocusMax or any of the many automated focusing software. 

This upgrade is available for 4" Focusers and refractors shipped since October 2001. In order to determine whether your focuser can be upgraded, please compare the hole pattern on the bottom of the pinion block of your focuser to these focuser block photos. Focusers that can be upgraded must have pinion block A1022-A. If you prefer a total upgrade to the new greaseless version, please refer to the options below.

All other scopes shipped prior to October 2001 cannot be retrofit with this Feather Touch Micro assembly due to the configuration of the pinion block. These early pinion blocks are shown as part # A1022 at this focuser block link. If your scope was produced prior to October 2001 and already has a 4" focuser, you can easily substitute the new version that features the greaseless drawtube and Feather Touch Micro Dual-Speed Knobs.

Instructions: Installing Feather Touch Focuser Upgrade - 2.7" Traveler and 4" Focusers

A digital focusing system is available for imaging automation.  Visual observers may also enjoy using the available hand paddle with the digital system. See the Focuser Boss II Electronic Focusing Control Kit for more details.