2.7" Prime Focus Field Flattener for 130 f/6.3 StarFire GT (67PF562)

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Discontinued: No Longer Available

Please refer to the information below for links to the new versions.

December 18, 2022. The 67PF562 has been replaced by the newer versions that were designed to optimize performance with the newest CMOS cameras with pixel sizes of 3.76 microns and smaller. We encourage you to select the appropriate version for your 130mm StarFire refractor. 

Part # 13027FF-GT

  • 130 StarFire GT scopes with the original 2.7" focuser.

Part # 13027FF-EDFS

  • Original 130f6 StarFire refractors produced between 1995-2001. 


The following historical information is provided for your reference.

The backfocus spacing for these flatteners (as measured from the rear flange) is 3.4" +/- 1/10" (86.4 mm +/- 2.5 mm).

The bayonet male thread size at the rear is 3.725" x 24.

Use the bayonet locking ring to secure your camera into position after you have framed your image. This allows you to rotate the camera to achieve your desired composition.

Starting in August 2009, all 2.7" field flatteners are now shipped with machined aluminum covers for both sides of the unit. If you already own one of these flatteners and would like a set of covers, you may order them separately.

35 mm SLR or DSLR Camera
- For full frame Canon and Nikon DSLR's, we offer the Large 1.875" diameter SLR Adapter with Canon EOS (67RLEOS) and Nikon (67RLNIK) Bayonets .

CCD Camera - Choose the appropriate adapter A1260, A1261, A1262, A1263 or A1265 to space the field flattener properly with your CCD camera.  For SBIG STL Series cameras we also offer the ADA671 and ADA672 Adapters which couple directly to the STL's accessory block for an unvignetted light path.

Diagrams and Instructions

Important Note: These flatteners will no longer fit the outer bayonet of the original Pentax 6x7 camera.